BPM’s primary product is BaoVita. This is our top grade powder, organically certified by Ecocert. BaoVita is available for export in 20Kg lined sacks. We also offer the powder as a finished product packed in 150gm and 350gm re-sealable packs. Already on the market in southern Africa, this product can be adapted easily for retail in any country.


In the national market BPM supplies simply packed powder under our brand Malambe.


This is available in 500gm packs.

Baobab Seed Oil

Oil extracted from baobab seed, containing Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, is a wonderful cosmetic oil that is highly effective as a skin moisturizer. In 2021 BPM began production of oil from the organically certified seed. The product is on the market in Mozambique as part of the Ufumi brand of natural products launched by BPM’s parent company, Eco-Micaia Ltd. BPM also supplies the oil to bodycare companies and other manufacturers in Mozambique. The oil is now available for export.
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